Friday, April 29, 2016

Novomatic's Power Joker review

Novomatic is famous for creating simple and understandable online slots, with unique features. Power Joker is one of such slots. What's so special about it? We've already seen various slots with fruit theme and with joker as a special symbol. Is this game one of them? Let's find out!

General description

power joker  free online

Power Joker online slot has 3 reels and 5 paylines., but here's the most interesting part. It has two special screens! Yes,that's right.Just look at the picture. There are two screens in the game, and because of that there are two game mods. At the first screen, everything goes in Base mode  and  at the second screen Superheater Mode is activated. During Base Mode, you're allowed to play by one or five active lines here. Combinations are formed of three similar symbols at the same active line. Wins under two thousand coins are automatically transferred to the reels of Supermeter mode, where 5 lines are activated. Payoffs begin from one hundred coins for the minimal combination and can reach two thousand coins. In this mode  you can also try to win the  progressive jackpot, which can be won during random spin. You'll receive the highest prize only with maximum bet.  By the way, if you want, you can deny Supeheater mod, and collect your winnings in Base mode.

Special feature and icons

Symbols of Power Joker are represented by well-known icons of cherries, lemons, oranges, plums, watermelons, sevens, bells and jokers. The joker's symbol function here is to trigger special feature of this game, called "Mysterious Win". It's very simple feature - one or ten coins in the Base mode + three jokers at the line give a win in amount of 10-200 or 20-400 coins,one hundred coins in Supermode with  one joker at any position of the central reel brings you a winning in range from 100 to 2000 coins and two hundred coins in Supermode with one joker anywhere at the reels shall reward you with prize  in amount from 100 to 2000 coins. Unfortunately, that's the only special feature here.No free spins available in this slot.

Playing Power Joker online slot shall bring you big winnings!

Classic slots really make their influence on Power Joker slot, you can understand what I mean by looking at the visuals of this game. Yes, colors are bright and nice, but the design is a way to simple in my opinion. And,at first, it's  hard to understand which button to press. But, later, you will understand that the interface is rather friendly, and even despite the missing of traditional bonus games, this online slot can easily entertain you and bring great winnings.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Multi Dice online slot review

Dices are useful gadgets in playing different board  or another games. Because of that, they're very popular all over the world. Online slots are also very popular, but mostly among gamblers. But what will happen if dices and online slots will be combined? Impossible? Novomatic has other opinion.

General Description

Multi Dice free online slot has 3 reels and 5 paylines, with symbols, described by the classical images of fruits, sevens and stars. But there are also two special symbols- dices and watches, which activates special bonus rounds.  Gameplay is pretty standart for online slots, but still with some interesting features. After each spin, you will have a possibility to hold one or more reel by clicking the Hold button, below the reel. It's a big red button- you will notice it easily.  To win a reward, you need three symbols, but if you held two reels only one will move during spinning.  Amount of winning combinations will be incredible! Just imagine the prizes, which you will get! 

Bonus games

As I already mentioned there are two bonus games- one is activated by three dices on the reels, another is triggered with three watches. Let's look at each of them closely.
During this game,a dice starts spinning. When you stop it, you will find out which number of free spins you are provided with. An amount of the bet remains the same during free spins. Extra multipliers of payoffs are also available  in this game. Its size can vary from x2 to x5. The final prize  will be multiplied by this value.
2. Cash Unlimited
In this game, your winning amount will be displayed at the screen of big watches. 
multi dice free slot

Multi Dice slot has amazing bonus games, which will reward you with big prizes.

Novomatic's Multi Dice has  good graphics,amazing design, fast and enjoyable gameplay and big prizes. Now we can say for sure, that combining of slots and dices was successful!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Win Wizard review

Win Wizard is a 5 reeled video slot with 20 paylines, made by Novomatic. Usually, when you hear "made by Novomatic", you imagine online slot with good visuals, rather big payouts, simple and understandable gameplay, and very often fruit theme. Well, you can say all those things about Win Wizard too, but still it has some unique features.

win wizard slot

Special Features

Symbols in this game are traditional for all slots with fruit theme. But here you can find three unique symbols- the Wizard, the Frog and the Magic Crystall Ball. The Frog is the Wild symbol, so it substitutes for all other symbols. Another valuable symbol is the Magic Crystal Ball. If the screen is filled with those symbols, you'll win a jackpot.

Playing the maximum bet can bring you 50000-coins jackpot!

There is also a Gambling feature, which is optional, so it's up to you to decide whether try it or not. The most interesting part here that there is a Lucky Loser feature, which is triggered randomly and can award Loser with special prize.

Win Wizard feature

As you can guess from its name, this feature is triggered by the images of Wizard. When you get 5 Wizard symbols this feature shall reward you with series of  prizes from x5 up to x500 of the total bet.

Win Wizard may not offer some great bonus games and very often payouts. This game is for more patient people.It will take some time, but you'll eventually win, and this winning will be pretty big,
You can play it for free to find out whether this slot suits your desires, but I can assure you that even without free spins and different bonus features this slot is very entertaining and fun to play.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Majestic Forest review

If you ever wanted to visit a wonderful forest filled with wildlife, than Majestic Forest, made by EGT is your choice! With amazing visuals of this slot, you'll experience a fantastic feeling, as if you are a traveler, who walks among beautiful trees and witness the gorgeous animals.
play majestic forest for free

General information

Majestic Forest is a video slot with 5 reels and 10 paylines. It has Wild symbols(bears), Scatters(foxes) and Free Spins feature. Wilds can substitute other symbols,except Scatter, and form the winning combinations. Scatters substitute all symbols and can activate 12 free spins. As you can see there are pretty big chances to win the jackpot.

Majestic Forest has a lot of opportunities to increase your winnings.

Jackpot Cards feature

The Jackpot Cards bonus may be randomly awarded after any spins, and, trust me, you will be glad when this happen. Rules are simple. There 12 face down cards, your task is to find 3 cards with the same suit and then one of four jackpots will be yours. Oh, and Gambling feature is also available here. Guess the right color to double your winnings.

Majestic Forest is a fantastic video slot, with great visuals and lots of chances to win large amount of money, You can play it for free, if you want and no download is needed for this.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Muse video slot review

Do you feel lack of inspiration? Don't worry! Beautiful muses will help you to get on your feet again with another video slot from NetEnt- Muse.  It's an online slot with 5 reels and 25 active paylines. Graphics are pretty simple, stylish and music is...present. Sounds are also pretty good. So, why  this slot is considered to be one of the best NetEnt's games? The answer is simple- it's the Muses.

Three muses will help you to obtain great winnings!

Bonus Features

As you already understand, the main bonus features of this game are three muses(Wild symbols), each with unique ability. Black haired muse expands Wild symbol, purple one- create free spin and the third one doubles the payout of combination, Another bonus feature related to Scatter symbol, which is symbolized here by the winged sandal icon.With 3 scatters on the reels-10 free spins activated, 4 scatters-20 free spins and 5 scatters trigger 30 free spins.

Main theme of this game is ancient Greece, so symbols are related to this thematic, and made more like from some cartoon, For example, images of muses reminds Meg, from Hercules.

Muse video slot is fun to play and has large payouts. You can play it for free or for the real money. Test your luck with this amazing game.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Flame Dancer slot review

We all like to travel to some mysterious and beautiful places. And, I think, that many of you wished to visit Hawaii. Well, Novomatic knows what you want! Now, you don't need to buy tickets to fly to Hawaii. No, today Hawaii is coming to you with amazing online slot Flame dancer.

General information

Flame Dancer is a video slot, with 5 reels and 20 paylines, BTW number of lines can be changed by player. Novomatic is famous for originality, and this slot shows you, that they're still doing great job. Symbols in this game are represented by beautiful exotic images, such as coconut cocktails and hawaiian guitar and on the background you can see amazing volcano island. Special symbols are represented by the fakir(Wild symbol) and two burning torches.

play flame dancer video slot

Special features

If we already mentioned special symbols, let's see what bonus features the may give us. Three scatter symbols grant us with 7 free spins. The Wild symbol( Flame Dancer himself) substitute different symbols, except for Scatter. And there's even more. During free spins, it turns all gaming icons into itself. But the most valuable symbol here is a volcano symbol.

If a gambler lands the combination of 5 volcano symbols, it will increase the stake by 2 000x!

Flame Dancer offers you great prizes with simple rules, and the atmosphere of exotic vacation on Hawaii. Are you still here. Go and play it right now. You can even play it for free if you want. Hawaii is waiting!

Friday, April 8, 2016

The Dark Joker Rises online slot review

The Dark Knight Saga became one of the most popular trilogies about superheroes. Mostly because of a brilliant  Joker. So, it was inevitable that there will be hundreds of games based on this confrontation.  Such as The Dark Joker Rises by Yggdrasil. Fans of Joker, are you ready?!

the-dark-joker-rises online-slot-yggdrasil

General description

The Dark Joker Rises is a 5 reeled video slot with , 3 rows and 10 paylines.  Symbols of this game are represented by beautiful  classic images of different fruits, bells, stars and sevens. There is only one special symbol- the Joker himself.  Three or more Jokers shall bring you a Mystery Win  in a regular game. You wonder what "regular game" means?It's simple-  The Dark Joker Rises has two types of game.

Jokerizer mode

Jokerizer mode is triggered by any successful combinations. In this mode, chances to get the big prize are much higher. Amount of the prize depends on  a quantity of joker symbols, which activated the bonus round. The more jokers- the bigger your winning.

So, don't hesitate and play this amazing online slot right now! And you can play for free if you want. You're still here?... Why so serious?

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Novomatic's Chicago slot review

Gangster theme is very popular in the world. I think everyone watched the magnificent Godfather or other similar movies. Why mafia is so popular? Who knows. But it’s undeniable, that gangsters became a huge part of media nowadays. Movies, games, books… But what about casino games? Novomatic heard gambler’s prayers and made an amazing online slot, with the atmosphere of 1920's- Chicago!

General information

Chicago is a video slot, with 5 reels and 20 paylines, special symbols and with bonus game. Main theme here is Chicago in 1920’s, a time when mafia ruled the world. So, most symbols are represented by the funny and good-looking pictures of gangsters and policemen, special symbols are represented by a view of Chicago itself(Wild) and a car(Scatter). Wild symbol can replace other standard symbols, except of Scatter, and it makes high-indexed combinations. Scatter symbol is paid in any position of the reels. And if you get three of more scatters you will trigger the bonus game.


In this bonus game, called Shoot the Bottle, you need, as you already understand,to shoot the bottle in every spin to determine the size of the additional multiplier: x1, x2, x3, x5 or x10. This multiplier will increase your winning, and you will get rather big prizes.

With Chicago video slot you can win really large prizes!

Chicago will take you to the world of gangsters, where you can feel yourself as a real godfather and win large sums. In addition, you can play this online slot for free, if you want, and without downloads.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Tales of Krakow online slot review

All fans of mystique tales- today is your day. Polish legends become alive with the amazing online slot, made by NetEnt, Tales of Krakow. Witness the magic of polish folklore, while looking at beautiful symbols of this slot, which are represented by rusalka, mouse with the pair of boots, the trumpeter, the Devil, the Dragon and King Boleslaw. The last two represents special symbols, which is your key to the great bonus features.

Tales of Krakow is an online video slot, with 3 rows , 5 reels and thirty paylines. Bonus features are represented by free spin and bonus game- Dragon Bonus Game.  With free spins everything is simple- you get three or more knight (King Boleslaw) symbols, and you get twelve free spins.

Every prize you get during free spins will be subject to a 3x multiplier.

Let's talk more about this Dragon Bonus Game. To get it, you need to land three or more dragon bonus symbols on the active payline. Then, you'll be taken to the dragon's lair, where your task will be choosing among 11 eggs, the right eggs with prize. If you choose the empty one-game over.

If you like horror theme, European folklore and big winnings, Tales of Krakow is the right choice for you. And you can play for free without download!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Reef Run review

Yggdrasil made a huge present for all divers and just people, who loves the water world. Reef Run will take you to the depth of the water world, where different sea creatures won't let you become bored.

This online slot has outstanding visuals. Symbols of the game are represented by funny images of different sea creatures-octopus,fish,shrimp,crab,snail. On the background you can notice the amazing image of the beautiful underwater city! In other words, this is one of the most beautiful slots created by this company.

But let's speak more about the game itself. So, Reef Run is a video slot with 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 paylines. I already mentioned the appearance of the common symbols, let's talk about special symbols. Well there's only one special symbol here- the Scatter symbol. You think, that one symbol is not enough. Think again. Because this scatter symbol is your chance to get free spin bonus round!

Each successful free spin increases the multiplier from x1 to x5 to x10 and till to x20!

So, what we have- amazing graphics and animations, high opportunity to win big prize, beautiful music, possibility to play it for free... you need more proofs, that this is the masterpiece? 

Monday, April 4, 2016

Fairy Queen online slot review

With Fairy Queen, made by Novomatic, you can imagine yourself as a hero of a fairy tale, in which you can meet different fantasy creatures- fays, dragons, elves, and many other creatures, about which you heard from fairy tales. Visuals of this game will help you to believe in this world because they're amazing and background music is very pleasant.

Become a character of the fairy tale with the Fairy Queen!

Fairy Queen is a video slot with 5 reels and 10 paylines. Special symbols of this game are represented by a Scatter symbol(Fairy light) and by a very beautiful Wild symbol( The Queen). The combination of three or more Scatters  reveals the bonus game of 10 free spins. 

The gambling button is also available here. If you feel yourself as a risky player try it, and guess  the right color of the hidden card to increase your winning.

You can play Fairy Queen for free or for the real money. If you like fairy tales or just beautiful online slots with the good payout, you should definitely play this excellent online slot.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Fistcuffs slot review

Fans of boxing! NetEnt finally heared you!

Fisticuffs is an online slot, based on boxing thematic. It has large variety of different boxing symbols such as trainer's stool, a pair of boxing gloves, the spit bucket and towel,a bell, boots and a champions belt.

This online slot has 5 reels and 10 paylines, with two Wild symbols -straight and diagonal wilds, which are represented by two rival boxers.

Fisticuffs has great bonus features.

Bonus features of this game are related to the special symbols:

Straight Wild

The straight wild appears only on third reel and mini-bonus is activated if the diagonal wild appears next to him on reels two and/ or four.  Depending which side the diagonal wild is, the straight wild will punch the him out to reel one of five, making three wild symbols in a row.  Thos wilds apply to the current and will then remain in place for a free respin.

Diagonal wild

If the diagonal wild appears diagonally to the straight wild, the symbol above or below the diagonal will become wild, again freezing and awarding one respin.

So, as you can see, Fisticuffs is fun to play even without the separate bonus game. And funny pictures of characters and amazing sounds with music are making this game one of the best online slots in the world.